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LAYERMARK develops software product suites and is a GIS solutions provider specialized in delivering bespoke professional services for Federal, State, and Local Governments. LAYERMARK's Utility Event Management System was recently awarded for 2022 Best Smart Water Project at Global Water Awards Summit (https://globalwaterawards.com/2022-smart-water-project-of-the-year/) an emergency and event management tool for water utility operations allowing top executive management to all business units within the utility to have full situational awareness of routine events, especially in times of emergencies, to allow maximum efficient usage of resources and dramatically decreasing costs via quicker response times to events. LAYERMARK’s product suites include: Work & Asset Management Solutions (AMS) -Work Order Management - Asset Management Valve, Fire Hydrant, Catch Basin, Distribution Maintenance, Water Meter, Vertical Assets Utility Event Management System (EMS) - 2022 Global Water Awards - Best Smart Water Project - Water Track - Flood Track - Incident - Sensor & Station Data - Weather information - Resource (Crew & Tools) - Vehicle Monitoring - Messaging LAYERMARK’s product suites highlights are as follows: - Configurable work & asset systems - Cloud and Offline capability supporting mobile workforce - Low-code platform - Focused on GIS system independence - Focused on asset management system independence - Configurable integration LAYERMARK's Asset Management Solutions (AMS) and Event Management System (EMS) provide valuable data and analytics that enable managers to make effective and informed decisions. The solutions are highly customizable and can be tailored to the clients' needs and line of work. LAYERMARK’s GIS-based Asset Management Solutions for Utilities enable accurate and effective inspection and preventive maintenance of all kinds of assets with a seamless flow of data transfer. Our proprietary LayerExchange backend system seamlessly integrates multiple backend systems, allowing LAYERMARK to configure & customize up to x5 faster. Thereby, tailoring our clients' requirements to meet & exceed their customized expectations with a high degree of flexibility. Layermark's Utility Event Management System (EMS) enables organizations to tackle the issue of severe weather conditions and ageing infrastructure. EMS moves from siloed response to an integrated response model providing real-time information across all business units. Flood and water watch dashboards enable organizations to gather real-time data about critical sewer and water events and allow them to select crews to dispatch. EMS can be integrated into various work management systems and geospatial solutions such as Maximo, Everbridge, ArcGIS, GeoTab, Cityworks and SAP using the LayerExchange platform.

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